Exposing Brexit Lies

Well respected Liverpool EU Law Professor Michael Dougan elaborates on how the Leave Campaign “lied on industrial scale” in order to win the Brexit vote;

This being the case, I fail to understand why so many MPs feel inextricably morally bound to “respect” this bogus decision based on a pack of lies, especially as the catastrophic results now become much clearer.  Dishonesty in politics has reached an unacceptable level; the public deserve, and must demand, a full inquiry that will ultimately expose those who deliberately lied to us.

If we accept the Leave Campaign’s dishonesty  without question the situation will only get worse and we might as well abandon democracy as a worthless endeavour.  Rather than being well rewarded with plum cabinet posts and propped into positions of respectability, in total denial of their appalling dishonesty, MPs and public figures who deliberately lied to UK citizens over Brexit should be exposed as fraudsters, publically disgraced and face very significant sanctions. Instead Theresa May is manoeuvring to whitewash over their lies as if she can manufacture a new workable reality.  This is a totally futile exercise akin to rearranging the deckchairs on the Titanic!

Watch Michael Dougan’s distressing exposé of the sordid facts with regard to “trade deals” and you will realize there is a disaster ahead for pathetic “Little England.”  New trade deals are not decided over lunch or on a golf course, they take a phenomenal amount of time, resources and manpower to achieve.  Meanwhile, little England will flounder out in the wilderness, burdened with WTO tariffs.  The falling pound is just a signal of worse to come as the financial sector and key areas of manufacturing relocate, the poorest will suffer most from job loses and spiralling inflation.

We need to draw a line in the sand by exposing the truth so that we can restore some semblance of honesty to government. Once the truth about the Leave Campaign is fully exposed MPs will no longer feel obligated to honour the corrupt result. At that point there should be an election because May and her team of Brexit con artists will have zero mandate to govern.  While the Tories can stick religiously to their hair-brained plan to destroy the country, a progressive alliance could put the case for us to regain our sanity and remain in the EU.

Those who were genuinely worried about uncontrolled net migration should realize that the only thing likely to change is where migrants entering the UK to plug our skills gap are going to be recruited from.  Migrants from the EU have the same protected rights as UK nationals, but those arriving with visas will not be competing on an even footing.  This will drive wages down and further eliminate any incentive to train UK citizens when the NHS and big corporations can scavenge from the developing world.  This scenario works very well for Tory bosses, but regular UK workers will really suffer.

Building resentment by scapegoating foreign workers to force migrants out of the UK will become increasingly unworkable. Tax paying EU citizens no longer legally able to work here could join the illegal job market accepting less than minimum wage.  The sheer volume of policing required to enforce their removal will present a massive logistical burden; this is unlikely to succeed as tracking down and deporting illegal workers has consistently failed in the past.  With minimal risk of prosecution for hiring illegal workers, unscrupulous companies backed Brexit certain they will be able to keep wages low.

Whenever the UK tries to negotiate they do so from a false premise of superiority and entitlement: making demands for special treatment, but conceding nothing in return. We are the spoiled brat of the EU and Tusk is just levelling with us to say there will be no more pandering to the UK. In future we should endeavour to approach the EU with something to offer to help restore equality by finally addressing the “Push and Pull” factors that drive one way migration. This could genuinely lower net migration, benefit all EU countries and rebuild our shattered credibility.  Or… we could just keep rushing towards the cliff edge like helpless lemmings.

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