“To leave or not to leave – that is the question!”

British Prime Minister, David Cameron has scheduled a referendum for the people of Great Britain to decide their future in the European Union, on the 23rd of June. The question is whether this is really a referendum or just another political game in which the people of Britain once again will be a “victim” of the same.
If you are a spectator of the media and Party’s campaigns, it is evidently only a game between the two groups – those who share the opinion that Britain should continue to be a part of the Old Continent and others who think that the British Isles is only an island which should remain so.
What actually lies behind this decision? The answer is very simple; a political game in which the current government wants to secure its position for the next election. Mr. Cameron and his Conservatives want to present themselves as democrats who will play the Brexit card – they are the factor that gave to the British people a chance to say Yes or No to Europe. But before the referendum happens and the final decision has been made, it is time for a very confusing political game in which the “ball” will be the British people.
However, lets start from the beginning.  At the end of last year and at the beginning of this year, British Prime Minister, in the manner of a music star, set off on a European tour. As it usually happens on any tour, some performances are more successful then others, but in the end the audience, more or less, comes out satisfied. Even if someone asks them for an opinion, it is certain that no one will get a refund for paid tickets.
Yet the greatest responsibility belongs to the “star” that needs to impress the “people”. Although from this performance of Mr. Cameron was expected much more, it seems that he is pleased with the agreement reached. If this was not the case, his tour would last longer and he certainly would not returned yet. Actually, he came back with the agreement and asked Britain to give the green light to “Mrs. Europe”. There will be the time for red cards, in sports jargon, told. However, the bottom line is that Britain pulls main strings in the organization of Europe. There are so many examples in which Britain has ran the show. One of the latest is accepting the refugees from Syria. According to the government’s plan, there will be no more than 20 thousand refugees in the next 5 years, while Germany, for example, in the previous months accepted up to one million refugees from the warzone. Regardless of all, such a decision Westminster will certainly implement. There is no need to go to the near and distant history when Britain protected itself, regardless of the “Friends from the Old Continent.”
Mr. Cameron certainly would not accept to any agreement in which Britain would not protect itself and would not by “speed of the light” came back from the “tour”. Still, none of the prizes comes without any effort.  Whether the British Prime Minister invested enough effort, he and his colleagues will adjudicate it. The nation is only that “ball” that was mentioned.
Brexit pollsAnd while the ball spins, the time is for the campaign in which no one will know, and mostly likely it won’t be clear what is the essence of this election. If you are supporting staying in Europe, what does it mean, and if you are not, the question remains the same – what does it actually mean?
Those who want Britain to stay in the European Union will play the emotional card – Europe is the Old Continent, a place we have always belonged to as “our brothers” live there. Great Britain has always been and will be part of Europe and British people should not betray their brotherly nations that the country is historically related to. It should not be forgotten that due to the support of the European army, Britain has withstood the test of fascism in the Second World War. After all, the European Community was, among other things, created on the unique principles of the protection from war. It was also created as a common market in which all participants obey the same rules. The question whether it is fair or not, is more complicated.  But rules are rules. For this group the impact of immigrants is vital for the economy and Britain was “built” by immigrants from all over the world. Their promise is, also, that Britain will stay a part of Europe, but without the prefix “Euro”. Rest assured, the Queen will be still smiling from the bank notes.  Not only away from Euro zone, but also, by the agreement reached, Britain will remain outside the other zones, as if this wasn’t the case. Fortunately for fans of the Eurovision Song Contest, the Island will continue to sing along with the European brothers. If nothing is left, at the end remains a possibility that the song and those “Douze Pointe” will help us “stay together”.
Those who want to keep an island “isolated” will play the following card – we are a separate island and so it should stay that way. That is why they want “to enclose the island” in a very special way.  Even though that island is already “separated” by the water, they are keen to make it inaccessible to all those who may wish, temporarily or permanently, to “lower their anchor”. However, in order to do this and have an opportunity to reside on the islands, the “future crew” must have adequate justification to do so.  This is a wildcard that “islanders” will play with in this miraculous card game, which still has no name. But there is a catch. Certain “groups” on the Island wish to remain with their European brothers and “threaten” to separate their part and “connect it” with the continent. Therefore, the islanders have to make a great effort to preserve the island as a whole and promise their brothers “a bright future” in order to avoid a “fragmentation”. After all, the island is an island and it should be kept that way. Islanders will also send a message that “Britain is the fifth economic power in the world and nobody should take us for granted.” On the other hand, the island belongs to islanders and they should decide its fate, not “someone there” who doesn’t even live here. Maybe this is the truth but since the island is a located at a very specific corridor, the question is whether it is really possible to isolate it.
These are the arguments on both sides, but it is unclear what either of them wants to say. If you belong to the group of those to whom is a “crystal clear” you know which cube to tick. If you are in the group of those who still did not decide, do not blame yourself, as even those behind the arguments – for and against – are not certain about this choice. Therefore, you have a possibility to avoid being that “ball” from the beginning of the story and with your decision “give a headache” to those who created it. Thus, all parties will be satisfied, and the Kingdom will continue to be an island left to swim between ocean and Channel. It is a very likely that the island, at the end of this episode, will emerge itself there where it belongs.
I suggest we finish this story with that famous Shakespeare’s line, “To be or not to be, that is the question” and ask ourselves “Referendum or not, that is the question.” The answer is – decide for yourself and do not allow yourself to be that “ball “that anyone can play with…
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An experienced radio and newspaper journalist, public and press officer, and the UK political campaign organizer with over six years of experience. Successfully executed social media campaigns, database management, and worked in the general election campaign in 2015 for the Labour Party. Interviewed PM of Montenegro, as well as other notable figures in culture, music, and film industry of the former Yugoslavia. Experience across a range of local, national and international press.

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