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  • The press, trumpeting the lurid and salacious details of the sexual assault charges brought against powerful men, has missed the real story—the widespread popular revolt led by women, many of whom have stood up, d […]

  • War opens a Pandora’s box of evils that once unleashed are beyond anyone’s control. The invasion of Afghanistan set out to defeat al-Qaida, and nearly 16 years later, we are embroiled in a losing fight with the […]

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  • Brexit is the result of an English delusion, a crisis of identity resulting from a failure to come to terms with the loss of empire and the end of its own exceptionalism, argues Cambridge University professor […]

    • When and if we leave the European union if we haven’t agreed to a trade deal including free movement of people we will be a third party nation.
      Despite breximaniacs claims regarding the overarching powers of the European union the status of third party nationals residency in a country has nothing to do with The European union unless they happen to be refugees.
      There is absolutely nothing to stop the UK government now saying our conditions for third party residence of citizens from the European union when and if we leave without free movement will be that they can all stay on current terms.
      Individual European union countries are obliged to wait until negotiations on departure commence but almost certainly would reciprocate.
      According to the NMC the applications from EU Nurses to come to work at U.K have dropped by 90%. since the referendum Since June hundreds of EU nurses have already left UK.
      55,000 NHS employees are EU nationals including 12% of all Doctors

      Even if arrangements are put in place to allow residency that ship has more or less sailed when much needed staff are told to fuck off back to their own country in public and even by patients at work why the hell would you want to come or remain in Brexitania.
      My wife a very senior nurse and rcn representative has had numerous instances of this sought brought to her attention.
      Colleague’s of my own still serving in the metropolitan police have spoken of the massive increase in racism and both low and high level xenophobic crime that is occurring including instances where British born people have been abused for looking a bit foreign or having the temerity to speak something other than English .
      We will lose some of our brightest and best professionals academics scientists and health care staff along with many hundreds of thousands of other decent people who live here legally and pay taxes. so brexitanian crumbelies can receive care in their decrepitude and who often have British born partners and children who will leave with them further undermining the nature of our fast dividing nation.
      This is what you stupid bastards have done to this country.
      You should be ashamed of yourself.
      But look on the bright side an entire generation of European children will have no difficulty in thinking of what nationality the thicko in jokes should be.

    • No single market
      We are meant to be operating under the bloc’s Single Market mechanism as an EU member.
      The EU describes it as “one territory without any internal borders or other regulatory obstacles to the free movement of goods and services.” It’s basically meant to stimulate competition and trade, improve efficiency, and helps cut prices.
      We are meant to operate as one. Basically, it only works if all countries are identical and work as a hive, like the Borg in Star Trek. That sounds like a Utopian ideal, and it has not worked at all.
      At the beginning of September, my colleague Oscar Williams-Grut pointed out that the so-called Single Market has a massive problem – Germany.
      German manufacturing is a booming behemoth, while almost every other nation bar Greece is at some sort of low. Britain’s manufacturing sector is not he same as it was back in 1950s, and we now depend a lot on imports and exports (I will come to this later).
      Greece’s rebalancing towards exports has been achieved simply by imports collapsing. All you need to do is take one look at that country and realise there is nothing about that nation that is rebounding at the moment.

      At the mercy of Germany
      Concerns over the Single Market being a whole load of poppycock are more relevant than ever, especially since the eurozone debt crisis of 2009.
      First and foremost, even though we are meant to be part of one big unit, we have no fiscal union to address underperforming areas.
      In Britain, for example, London may generate greater amounts of wealth than certain regions in the country. If somewhere like Nottingham was struggling, the money is redistributed to pay for welfare or prop up the local economy. Infrastructure, like new railway lines, could be installed to link cities and create greater connection for people working or looking to expand business.
      In the EU, we don’t have this. Just look at Greece and the sorry mess it is. Sure, we lend money and force them to gut their country from the inside out, but a loan is not a re-distribution of wealth. Countries that need to devalue their currency to spur exports can’t. The bloc is not a “single” anything.

      Destroying national sovereignty
      Relinquishing national sovereignty sounds a lot like right-wing hooey, but having a look at how the EU has operated in the worst of times hasn’t resolved any of these concerns.
      Sovereignty is meant to be when a state has the absolute power to govern itself, make, execute, and apply laws, and impose and collect taxes.
      Of course, being part of a union means we should all technically share that burden and have a say in what laws are enacted, while also making sure others aren’t penalised to the advantage of other nations. It shouldn’t be all bad.
      Take a look at Greece again. The country has teetered on the brink of collapse so many times, it might as well jump off the cliff. But it can’t because it’s stuck with loans it doesn’t want, that seem near impossible for it to pay back.
      The one time it did show some semblance of sovereignty or power was at its referendum on the bailout. The public voted against the extremely harsh (and arguably necessary) conditions in exchange for emergency cash. And we all know how that turned out – an utterly pointless exercise.
      All that happened is that Greece wound up owing its creditors so much that they used it against them in their next round of negotiations.

      Renegotiations look impossible
      The UK doesn’t really have much of a say in what happens within the bloc.
      Since 2010, the EU has introduced over 3,500 new laws affecting British businesses. “The British Chambers of Commerce has shown that the total cost of EU regulation is £7.6 billion per year,”

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